Raider's Rules
Raider's Rules

The following are the rules that raiders are expected to abide by. If you are found to not be following any of these rules, we will gently nudge you in this direction, and if that fails to adjust your behavior, you will be demoted until such a time as you are prepared to follow them.

These rules are in place to help raids be productive and fun. They will help raids run more smoothly, allow us to be more efficient with raid time, and eliminate some of the guesswork that sometimes comes with what is expected of raiders. Please read all of the following very carefully.

After reading this information, go back to the Raids info page, and after reading any other required information listed there, head over to the raiding forums and respond to the raid rules post as directed in order to be promoted.

Required Addons:

The post here lists the required addons. You must have these addons enabled in order to raid. This is not “being mean”, it is just a necessity so that everyone is on the same page when it comes to warnings for upcoming boss abilities, Raid warnings from the Raid Leader, and Boss Pull timers, among other things.

Boss specific addons will be listed under the boss's respective strategy post. Boss strategies can be found here.


You must have Discord installed and be logged in during raid so you can hear the instructions from the Raid Leader.

You do not have to have a microphone. If you do have a microphone, we request that you use the Push-to-Talk (PTT) feature in Discord, as opposed to having an open mic, which can be very distracting, especially during raids.

PTT MUST be enabled during raids, otherwise you will be muted.


Signing up for raids is very important so that we know who to expect for Raid Night. If you are unsure if you can make it, or think you’ll be a little bit late, please still sign up using the “Tentative” response so that we know you’re going to do your best to be there. If you know you will not be able to be there at all, please sign up with the “Declined” / “Out” response so that we know for sure you won't be coming.

If you are signed up for raid, you should be online 10-15 minutes before raid start time so that you can prepare yourself for raid, update any of the required addons, log in to Discord, etc.

Before signing up for a raid, be sure that you have reviewed the fights for that night. There are posts on the website with links and videos for boss strategies for every boss we will be encountering. As a raider, it is your responsibility to review these posts and come prepared for the fights. The Raid Leaders may give "Cliff's Notes" to the bosses at the start of the fight, but it will be vastly apparent if you are attempting the fight only based on their verbal overview.

If it becomes apparent that you have not done your homework for the fights, you will be asked to review them before the next raid, and if you have not, you will not be allowed to raid until you show that you are prepared to actively participate by being prepared for the fights, and not just showing up to "pew pew" things.

Flasks & Potions:
You must use a flask. Flasks are provided for you via the guild bank. As a raider, you are able to withdraw these for yourself. If it becomes apparent that you aren't using a flask, an officer or raid leader will withdraw one for you and trade it to you. If you still do not use a flask, you will not be allowed to raid.

Potions are also provided for raiders. The information regarding flasks is true for potions as well. During a boss fight you should be able to use two potions. You can do this by paying attention to the pull timer and "pre-potting" before the boss is pulled, and then later in the fight you will be able to use your second potion.

Both flask and potion use is monitored in the logs, and will be reviewed by the raid leaders.

High stat food is provided by the guild bank as well. You should be using the appropriate high-stat food. Feasts should only be used in emergencies, or by the pugs. Again, if needed, an officer can withdraw your food from the bank for you, but as a raider you have the ability to do this for yourself, and if it becomes apparent that you just expect us to get it for you all the time, it will be addressed.

Gear Distribution:
Gear is distributed on a "Need before Greed" basis, highest roller wins.

That being said, winners are inspected by the Officers prior to gear assignment. If it appears that you do not truly need the gear, it will be reassigned.

Gear may also be assigned on the basis of "best for the entire raid group as a whole", rather than "best for the individual's item level".

If gear is distributed in either of those manners, it will be made clear as to why it's being done, and anyone who throws a temper tantrum about not getting a piece of gear will be dealt with.

Raiders are allowed to use guild funds to repair their gear. Please limit the use of this perk. Guild funds should not be used to repair damages incurred on "personal" time, such as questing, instancing* not in a guild group, etc.
*dungeons, lfrs, pugged raids

If the bank starts to run low on funds, these repairs may be reduced or completely revoked until such a time as the guild has built up sufficient funds to support repairs again.

Website usage:

As a raider you should be checking the website a minimum of once a week. This will allow you to stay up-to-date on what's going on in the guild, if there are any changes for raids that week, and also allow you to post in the Requests forum if you find that any of your required raid items are running low (food, flask, or potions).

If you find your raid items are running low, please check the requests forum and see what the required materials are for that item. If we are running low on those items as well, it would be greatly appreciated if you would take some time and farm a few of the necessary items to donate to the bank so that we can make your requested raid items. Please remember that donations to the bank, in any form, are not required, but as a functioning member of this community, they are greatly appreciated and help us to keep the bank stocked for all raiders.

If changes are made to any of the posted rules, requirements, or guidelines, there will be a notification of these changes and you will need to read the new/changed information. In some cases you will need to re-agree to the rules. If that is the case, it will be noted in the announcement.

Attitudes & Behavior:

You should be optimistic, cheerful, open, friendly, generous, and helpful.

You should NOT be pessimistic, rude, disrespectful, constantly critical, or pompous.

Constructive criticism should be given with a gentle, humble, and genuine attitude, NOT with anger, frustration, or disrespect.

Constructive criticism should be taken with a humble, open, thoughtful, and grateful attitude, NOT with embarrassment, pride, anger, or a "know-it-all" attitude.

Remember that the criticism is being given with a goal of helping you to become a better raider, and, by becoming a better raider, helping the guild become better as a group.

Sarcasm, within reason, is acceptable, provided it doesn't become disrespectful, annoying, or disruptive.

Also, please remember that while we are all adults, we try and keep the conversation PG-13, both in-game, and in Discord. Awareness of this fact is greatly appreciated.

If an attitude problem becomes a habit, you will be demoted until you are able to adjust your attitude.

If you have any questions or concerns about the Raider's Rules, please message any officer and we will discuss them with you.

We are excited to have you raiding with us!

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