Guild Rules

The following information is very important for you to go over!

We welcome all types of players to our community. You do not have to be interested in raiding to be a member of our family. If you are interested in raiding, additional rules for our raiders can be found here.

Every community has a set of standards that they expect their members to abide by. We are no exception.

  1. You are to be respectful of all members. We are all human, and can make mistakes, but that does not mean you are allowed to treat us with disrespect; this includes, but is not limited to, in-game interactions like guild chat, or out-of-game interactions in Discord or on the website.
  2. If you are wanting to participate in guild activities, like raiding or dungeons, you are responsible for knowing your class, spec, and rotation. Many of us have multiple toons and know various specs, and can offer assistance if needed, but it is up to you to do the “heavy lifting” when it comes to your character. Here is a post that lists several helpful websites that you can refer to from time to time to ensure you’re on top of things. For more information on becoming a Raider, click here.
  3. Donating mats to the bank is encouraged, but not required. When you donate items to the guild bank, you relinquish all ownership/claims to those items. If an item you deposited gets withdrawn and used for guild purposes, or sold and the resulting gold deposited into the guild bank, you may not throw a fit and claim you were just "storing" it there. The guild bank is not for personal storage of your items. It is for items to be used for the greater good of the guild. Donated supplies are used to make the items we need for raiding, including the high stat food, flasks, enchants, and potions, and on occasion, crafted gear (or other items). For a list of mats required for the different raid items please visit our Requests forum. For more information on how the bank is organized, click here.
  4. We suggest you install Discord so that you can socialize with us while we do our adventuring in Azeroth. *Please note that Discord is required if you want to participate in raiding. For more information about becoming a Raider, click here.
  5. Participation on the website is also highly encouraged as we use it to post important information, helpful tips, and general guild news, which cannot be contained in the in-game “Guild Info” tab or “Message of the Day”. Please be sure to check the website a minimum of once a week, 2-3 times a week is preferred.
  6. If you have a problem with another member, or an officer, please contact an officer privately so that we can help handle it and keep it from exploding. If it is a minor issue, contact the person directly, but privately. Please do not hold verbal spats in guild chat, or in public channels in Discord. “Take it outside” as it were. If things cannot be handled between the two of you, please do not hesitate to contact an officer to mediate.
  7. Also, realize that as a member of this guild, you now represent the whole guild, and not just yourself. Please remember this when interacting with other players in game (Trade, dungeons, raids, out in the world, etc).

We want this to be a fun experience for all involved, so please don’t think of these rules as a dictatorship type ordeal where we want no fun, and everyone must do as we say, or else. We are open to suggestions on how to make things better, and have things run more smoothly.

Last, but certainly not least, have fun! Enjoy the game and each other’s company. Ask for help if you need it, offer help if others ask, and remember even though it’s a game, we are a family, and families respect, love, and help each other (including constructive criticism, and discipline where needed).

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