Bank Info

This post contains information on how the bank tabs are currently sorted and other important bank guidelines.

If you forget where something goes and end up putting stuff in the wrong tab, no worries, it'll eventually get moved to the correct spot.

Please remember that by depositing an item into the guild bank you are relinquishing that item up to all members of the guild and for the guild's benefit. That being said, you all are wonderful, generous people and are doing wonderfully helping us keep the bank stocked. Let's keep it up!

Rules for Withdrawing items from the Guild Bank:

  1. Withdrawing items from any tab to sell is not acceptable.
  2. Withdrawn mats should be used for guild benefit, not for personal gain, including, but not limited to, using guild mats to level your professions.
  3. If you are found to be doing either of these, you will be demoted and lose your withdrawal privileges.
  4. Exceptions:
    • you may withdraw anything for any purpose out of Tab 1 (Pre-Legion).
    • you may withdraw Legion mats to use in your profession's daily cooldown and building provided you are storing up the soulbound mats for guild use. Also, if you're taking items for this reason, do try to help us keep those mats stocked up. Don't be just a moocher. 

Tab 1: Pre-Legion

BoE gear (non-current content, for auctioning, DE'ing, or if people need it for leveling or transmog, current content BoE gear will get moved to the Officers' Tab), profession patterns, anything available pre-Legion (mats, etc). Pre-Legion stuff will be watched and if no one takes them after a short period of time they will be withdrawn and AH'd, De'd, or vendored and the resulting gold/mats deposited in the guild bank.

Tab 2: Pets and Fun

Any and all pets, toys, and other fun stuff, including Goblin Gliders. Again contents will be monitored. If a very valuable pet or toy gets deposited here it will be moved to the Officers' Tab and we can do some sort of drawing or contest to give it out. Please don't withdraw items that you don't personally need.

Tab 3: Herbs n Dust

Legion items ONLY. Any enchanting mats or herbs from previous expansions will either be moved to the 1st tab for a short period of time, or directly withdrawn and sold (gold being deposited into the guild bank, of course).

Tab 4: Leather n Cloth

Again, current expansion mats only, please. All others will be moved to the 1st tab and subject the same rules therein.

Tab 5: Gems and Ores

Legion ore, Thermal Anvils (although we really have plenty of those atm), and Legion level gems.

Tab 6: Raid Items

Flasks, potions, and Mana and Healing potions. Overflow of these items will be moved to the Officers' Tab, and moved back to this tab when the stock level drops.

Tab 7: Feast n Food

All of the Legion foodstuffs. Please review the Requests forum to see which food benefits you the most and you can focus on supplying the mats for that dish, if you'd like, or if you're just out and about and get extras of stuff, then dump all your excess here and I'll just make bunches of everything. Also, if you get extra fishing supplies you don't need (hooks, bait, etc.) Feel free to drop those in as well and I can use them when I'm out and about fishing.

Tab 8: Officers Only

This tab contains miscellaneous higher-value items, including items that we use for crafting raid items (Felblight, Alchemical Crystals, Temporal Crystals, etc), Savage Feasts (for back up food if we don't have enough high-stat available, and also for the pugs, because we're nice like that), crafted item re-rolls and upgrades, all of the Sorcerous items (Fire, Earth, Air, Water), and overflow (when necessary) from any of the other tabs. [not updated for Legion content yet. I'm still researching.]

If you have any questions about the bank sorting, feel free to ask away! Also, please don't be daunted by this, if you get confused or aren't sure where something should go, just drop it where you think it belongs, and if it's in the wrong spot it'll get moved, no worries!

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