Guild Info

About Us

We are a laid-back guild, looking to down some bosses, get achievements, and just have some fun. We all have real lives and families to take care of, so that comes first.

We are currently looking for people to fill out our raid team for Legion. DPS and Heals are greatly needed, however, off-spec tanks for back up would be nice as well.

However, if raiding isn't your thing, we also have PvPers to Pet Battlers, Farmers to Fishermen, so we have room for you!

About our Raids

We do not consider ourselves "Hard Core" raiders. However, we are serious about raid progression and if you don't pull your weight in raid, we'll be looking for ways to help you improve and step-up your game. Beating your head against a wall pointlessly is no fun for anyone. If you take constructive criticism well and are a fast learner then that is awesome. If you think you are a know-it-all, this is not the place for you. Arrogance and a refusal to take suggestions and be a team player are not welcome. The ability to humbly offer suggestions, not get offended with criticisms, and be ok if your suggestion is not implemented are welcome. This is a team effort, but final decisions are always left to the Raid Leader's discretion.

We start out in Normal and eventually work our way towards Heroic.

Also, if you are new to raiding we will take the time to help familiarize you with how it works and give you helpful tips.

That being said, you are mostly responsible for getting your ilvl to the appropriate level on your own. If you have done what you can and still need a few points, we are flexible and will help you with those last few points, or point you in the direction of upgrades. Do NOT expect us to gear you up from scratch. Period.

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