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About We Got This
We are a laid-back guild, looking to have some fun, get achievements, and take out some bad guys in the process. We all have real lives and families to take care of, so that comes first. We're currently just a leveling/social guild looking to grow our ranks with the hopes of raiding SoonTM.

We are building from the ground up, so we need all roles. We'll start out in dungeons as a form of team building and hopefully graduate to raiding at some point. Once we get a raid team together we will be starting in Normals with the possibility of moving on to Heroics at some point in the future.

However, if raiding isn't your thing, we also welcome Socialites to Noobs, Alt-oholics to Pet Battlers, Farmers to Fishermen, so we have room for you!

Our goal is to be a family-friendly, fun, stress-free place to be together and play the wonderful game of World of Warcraft.
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